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First Floor, Legacy House
Plot 38B Windsor Crescent, Kololo.
P.O.Box 2841, Kampala, Uganda

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  • Investment Advisory

    Business Valuation: We provide transaction advisory services to business owners that include among others indicative valuation.
    Assistance with Capital Structuring: Developing an optimal capital structure to maximise equity returns.
    Risk Management: Developing a comprehensive hedging policy that is acceptable to lenders and shareholders, to optimally protect against interest rate, currency and commodity price risk in the most efficient way.
    Financial Modelling: Developing detailed financial models tailored for specific projects, capable of running intuitive scenario analysis for lenders and shareholders.
    Debt Advisory: Advising clients on structuring, raising and executing efficient debt funding plans from various market participants.
    Fundraising: Undertaking debt and equity fundraising activities in order to attract the most efficient and flexible funding available for projects.
    Feasibility Studies: Undertaking viability analyses to inform project investment return.

  • Business Case Development

    Asigma Advisory develops locally adaptable business strategies for organisations by leveraging our operational experience, and expertise in data analytics and business intelligence integration. We develop business cases with a specialty in Renewable Energy, Agribusiness and Digital Financial Services.

  • Private Sector Support for Development Programs

    With the growing trend for development aid to leverage private sector investments for sustainable impact, Asigma Advisory provides the right context and local investor thinking that are crucial to effective program design. This is done through:
    Market Systems Assessments – Understanding value chain market systems to establish program interventions to spur private sector investments in well-developed investment opportunities.
    Technical Assistance – Working with SMEs to realize productivity and return on investment gains as a result of operations, financial and governance re-engineering.

  • Training & Development

    Talent and culture are paramount to success and growth of any organisation. Having gained expertise and extensive experience in vast markets, sectors, and regions, Asigma Advisory seeks to share its knowledge and learnings in finance, investment, project management, organizational development through training and capacity building of individuals, groups and organisations. Guided by Bloom’s taxonomy and with key partners, we deploy an experiential training approach that is carefully structured to build the right knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) for lasting behavioural and performance improvement. This runs across the different phases – right from our consultative training material development, to our interactive and flexible training delivery and finally, post training reporting, mentoring and support.

Case Studies


The summarized case studies below are a sample of the advisory projects that we have undertaken.

More Case Studies