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First Floor, Legacy House
Plot 38B Windsor Crescent, Kololo.
P.O.Box 2841, Kampala, Uganda

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Agro-Processing: Sunflower Oil Production

 The client, an Agro-processing company in Northern Uganda, was interested in venturing into the production of edible sunflower oil.


In order to enable the client begin operations on production of sunflower oil, the objectives of the project were as follows: 

  1. To develop a business strategy for production of edible sunflower oil.
  2. To value the business as part of the equity financing process.


  1.  Market and Industry analysis, including identification of key industry trends.
  2. Formulating a strategic plan; sales, marketing, operational and managerial.
  3. Formulating and mapping a multi-stage distribution plan for the product.
  4. Developing a competitive pricing strategy.
  5. Making financial projections in order to develop a financial plan.
  6. Risk analysis and mitigation.


  1.  Solid business strategy document that made the project more bankable.
  2. Client was able to interest external funding and is currently in the process of financing negotiations and structuring.