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Blended Learning Solution for Ugandan Primary Schools


The client developed high quality learning videos for Ugandan primary schools. The aim of the assignment was to:

  1. Identify the market segments and develop contingent product delivery and pricing strategies.
  2. Package the idea and interest stakeholders to support and work towards making the platform mainstream and widely used in rural UPE and urban private schools.

There is  growing need to incorporate digital tools in the learning process.


  1. Developed pricing strategy consistent with the rate of return regulation and entrepreneur ROI.
  2. Conducted an analysis of the market, political, economic and financial risks associated with the product.
  3. Prepared a marketing plan that set out the next course of action for the blended learning solution.
  4. Prepared a proposal and presented the client’s blended learning solution to the government. The idea was to rightly portray the platform as an ideal solution for augmenting and improving the teaching and learning process in rural UPE Schools.
  5. Prepared a proposal to donors to get funding for hardware necessary to support implementation of the blended learning solution.
  6. Formulated a financial sustainability plan.


  1. Key stakeholders in the education sector were impressed by our client’s solution. The product was applauded for being unique and the answer to lack of a concrete platform for delivery of  local content to primary schools.
  2. The project is now at a stage where discussions are being made to widely adopt the blended learning solution.

There is need to incorporate learning tools that are engaging to young minds.