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First Floor, Legacy House
Plot 38B Windsor Crescent, Kololo.
P.O.Box 2841, Kampala, Uganda

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Kevin Augustine Abuka

Analyst Intern

Kevin interned in the Statistics Department of the Central Bank of Uganda (BoU) where he worked closely with the data team to apply different sampling techniques to determine and define survey groups. Particularly, he worked closely with the team on BoU’s Consumer Confidence Surveys to structure uncompromised and efficient analyses.

He was part of the BoU team that worked towards the launch of Private Sector Investment Surveys, an enriching experience as his final year student research focused on the effect of the financial sector on private domestic investment in Uganda. Overall, the role with BoU broadened his knowledge and understanding of fields to which statistical methods can be applied and used for predictive analyses. He is passionate about the use of data in diagnosing problems, appreciating context and analyzing broader implications.

Kevin holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Quantitative Economics from Makerere University. He is currently pursuing ACCA Level III.